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Dear Future wins Paul Peters photo prize | De Zilveren Camera

Hilversum – Friday 10 February

The Paul Peters Photo Prize, the prize for social photography, was presented to Zahra Reijs by Eva Peters, daughter of the namesake of the prize, with the series 'Dear Future'. She also won third prize in the Portrait category with this series. “According to the jury, the images of young people from generation Z are surprising, stimulating and confrontational. At a time when identity and naming it sometimes leads to compartmentalism and fragmentation, they are ten steps ahead and they actually stretch the concept of identity”, says Nicole Segers, chairman of the jury for the Paul Peters Fotoprijs. “High quality photography, with an eye for detail and with exactly the right emotion. The jury kept looking at it and felt a bright spot and indeed hope.”

De Zilveren Camera exhibition can be seen, 12 February to 2 April in Museum Hilversum.

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