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Dear Future is a photobook by Zahra Reijs.


A visual document showcasing a young generation seeking the freedom to be who and however they want to be.


'During covid lockdowns I met Uzi/Xyanty at museumpark, Rotterdam.

She and her friends showed me a sense of freedom in their way of dressing and being, I wish I had known while growing up. Little did I know that this brief meeting would be the core inspiration for my first photo book ‘Dear Future’.


Dear Future is a book about a young generation, usually identified as ‘gen Z’. The people you will find in the book are in a sense, freedom fighters. They fight for their freedom to be whoever they want to be, which shows in many forms and expressions. Each their own.'


Hardcover with silver typo



Design by Roel Nabuurs

Tekst by Pricilla de Putter

Translation by Jason Coburn

Printed by DieKeure 


€ 55,00Prijs
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